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Mohammad Gheibi Selected as co-Chair of EGU 2024 Conference

We are delighted to share some remarkable news from our own Natura Nexus family. For the second consecutive year, our very own Eng. Mohammad Gheibi, has been chosen to lead the prestigious EGU 2024 Conference in a specific field. EGU is one of the most significant events in the European geoscience community.

This remarkable achievement speaks volumes about Mohammad’s dedication, expertise, and the profound impact he continues to make in the world of geoscience. It is not only a recognition of his remarkable capabilities but also a testament to the caliber of individuals that Natura Nexus attracts and nurtures.

The European Geoscience Union (EGU) Conference is an internationally acclaimed platform where the brightest minds in the field convene to share knowledge, insights, and advancements in geoscience. Mohammad’s selection as the Chair for this prestigious event is a testament to his exceptional leadership skills, unwavering commitment to the field, and passion for advancing the understanding of our planet’s dynamics.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Mohammad Gheibi for this remarkable achievement. It reflects his dedication to his field and the level of excellence we strive for at Natura Nexus.

Thank you, Mohammad, for your positive contribution and dedication and for making all of us at Natura Nexus proud. We are excited about the journey ahead and are eager to see the transformative impact you will make.

Warmest regards,

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